Libraries Change Lives

Public libraries are about empowering citizens of all ages to develop and create the skills, knowledge and ideas they need to participate fully and independently in society.

All European countries have public libraries. The 65,000 public libraries within communities invite people to read books and to use computers and the Internet, but also offer courses on a wide range of topics. Trained staff provides personal assistance and are a resource customised to the members of their local communities.

We believe that the initiatives we are championing will leverage the power and opportunities offered by Europe’s public libraries and can bring a change in the delivery of lifelong learning opportunities to a wide range of European citizens. Public libraries are a space – trusted and open to all – to learn, discover and share. They have so much to offer. And that's not just our opinion. Interested in the amazing stories users and Members of European Parlement have to tell? Wondering about Estonian reading dogs? Go directly to the digital publication and watch footage collected in 15 countries!